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 Electrical Thermal Imaging Services
PLC Electricians Abbotsford & Vancouver Thermal Imaging, or Infrared Thermography, helps to minimize downtime and increase overall profitability. Our Thermal Imaging services are a cost-effective way to detect electrical faults, hot spots and loose connections and determine the severity and implications of each.

By understanding where electrical faults exist and the severity of each, our clients are able to make informed decisions about scheduling equipment maintenance before major problems occur, such as unscheduled system shut-downs, production losses, power outages or fires. Our Electrical Thermal Imaging Specialists are FLIR Certified, Journeyman Electricians. Therefore, when you commission Gifford Electric to photograph, analyze and develop your reports, you will save money on hiring an electrician to assist the thermographer; and you can be confident that your reports will be accurately developed by a skilled electrician who is also certified at infrared thermography.   

Gifford Electric Ltd.

Our thermal imaging services include reports detailed with

  • clear thermal images  
  • severity rating of each fault
  • recommendations regarding how and when to fix the problems identified in order to minimize down time and achieve optimal output

We provide thermal imaging services to industrial, commercial and institutional organizations. If you have a question about our thermal imaging services, please contact us at 604-853-6868 or info@giffordelectric.ca.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging can be used to determine faults that exist in electrical panels, switchgear, electrical connections and fuses. A thermographer uses a specialized infrared camera to scan and measure the infrared energy of an object’s surface (such as wires or fuses). The camera produces a detailed image of the object’s temperature profile and accurately shows the temperature variance of electrical equipment. Temperature variances show where trouble spots exist and the severity of these trouble spots.
Hiring a Certified Thermographer who is also a Certified Electrician can save you time, money, and help eliminate dangerous situations that can occur.

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